What is veneer, what wood is veneer made of?

What is veneer, what trees are veneer made from?

Veneer furniture is made from two different types of wood: hard and soft. The hardwoods are poplar, rosewood, ash, cherry, maple, walnut, teak, oak and mahogany. Softwoods are cedar, sequoia, pine, cypress and spruce. Luxurious and expensive veneer furniture is made mainly from precious woods such as cherry, oak and maple.

What are the benefits of wood flooring?

Each tree has its own look and texture. Thus, each wood veneer gives a unique, distinctive look. Considering that each layer of even a tree stump is different from each other, wood veneer furniture will be a great furniture option for getting an original design in your home.

Wood veneer provides high durability and strength, applying a layer of wood veneer to poorly treated wood such as chipboard increases the durability of that poorly treated wood. Fibreboards such as MDF and HDF are prone to damage when exposed to water, so veneering these boards will help prevent damage while maintaining their durability and strength.

Wood veneer furniture is resistant to deformation and chipping.

Wood veneer is environmentally friendly. It is a recyclable, environmentally friendly material. Once your wood has reached the end of its useful life, it can be shredded and used as wood waste in the production of MDF and chipboard. The veneer helps to evaluate the wood more effectively. A thin layer of wood is used in the manufacture of furniture. Thus, if only a few pieces of furniture can be made from a log, then when the same log is considered as a plywood board, a large number of wood veneer boards are obtained, which can be used as a facing material in many types of furniture.