Firstly, a walnut tree grows naturally on the continents of Europe and North America, but its first homeland is known as the Asian continent. Therefore, China is the leading country that the most farm this tree. The United States, Iran, Turkey, Mexico and Ukraine are the other leading countries in walnut tree cultivation.


According to the FAO data, Canada ranks first in exporting the most walnut timber, with a share of 15% of the total export volume. Furthermore, with a 13% share, China is the leading country that primarily imports the walnut timber. China is followed by the USA, Iran, England, Turkey, and Italy.


The walnut tree has an average size compared to other tree species. It can grow to 30 meters and its trunk can reach 1.5 meters in diameter. The walnut’s wet weight is 900-950 kg/m3, and its dry weight is about 600 kg/m3. The color of walnut wood lightens slightly over the years. However, this change is not very obvious. Sometimes, it can be lubricated to protect its original color, texture and pattern. Although it is susceptible to insects, the walnut wood is highly resistant to decay. The color difference between its heartwood and sapwood is noticeable. Its sapwood is generally pale yellow, but the heartwood has the darkest tones.


The walnut tree is a hardwood timber that has been frequently used in woodworking workshops. Generally, its wood is tough, heavy, and durable. However, it is pretty easy to work with the walnut compared to other hardwoods. It can be effortlessly bent and twisted thanks to its flexible structure. The smooth surface of the walnut wood facilitates the varnish and painting process. In addition, it is also good at connecting with nails, screws and glue. The walnut wood also gives successful results in carving and turning works. It has a rough structure when it comes out of the factory, but it becomes desired shape by grating on the planing benches. The walnut wood can also have a satin-smooth surface with the oil applied to the surface after sanding.


areas of use

The walnut wood is mainly used to produce high-quality furniture, massive and veneered plates. It is also used in the production of shoulder parts in rifles and grips in pistols. However, the walnut wood’s usage is not limited to these. It is used in many different fields such as turning, carving, making sports equipment and musical instruments.