Fruit-bearing trees have always attracted the attention of humankind since the hunter-gatherer period. Cherry tree, one of these trees, is a remarkable tree that has attracted attention for a long time. It shows up with six important species. These are; Black Cherry Tree, Sweet Cherry Tree, Brazilian Cherry, Patagonian Cherry, Caribbean Cherry and Chilean Cherry. The cherry tree generally grows in temperate climates of Europe, Asia, America, Anatolia, and the Caucasus.


According to the world trade data, the countries that mostly export cherry tree timber are the United States, Chile, Italy, Spain and Iran. In addition, China takes first place in the list of mainly importing the cherry. Then, Germany, England and France respectively follow China.


The cherry tree is hard and durable. It can grow in height between 15 and 30 meters. Its trunk diameter, by the way, can reach about 120 cm. Veins of the cherry are generally smooth. Its wood has a fine texture and a beautiful natural shine. They are typically used in exterior designs. Moreover, the cherry has a reputation as durable and rot-resistant. It also shows good resistance to abrasion and crushing. The average dry weight of the cherry is 600 kg/m3. When it is freshly cut, the heartwood of the cherry generally has a light pinkish brown color. However, the wood may darken and turns reddish-brown with exposure to light. The sapwood of the cherry, on the other hand, is generally pale yellowish.


The cherry wood has been one of the best trees in terms of workability. Its wood is stable, smooth-grained and it can be processed efficiently. But it should be remembered that its stains can be seen on the surface of the wood. The resistance of the cherry wood is excellent. When it is planned, its surface becomes smooth and shiny. Furthermore, the cherry wood is not resistant to humid environments and deteriorates in a short time under inappropriate conditions. In addition, it can be easily damaged by insects and microorganisms. Finally, it has an excellent ability to nailing, screwing and connect with glue.


Firstly, the cherry is a decorative wood and that’s why it has been widely preferred in furniture and decoration works in recent years. Secondly, it has been used in turning, carving and producing musical and scientific instruments. At least, it is often preferred in interior architecture as massive and veneer.