The oak tree, which has 65 million years of history, has been the most preferred tree species in terms of characteristics and history. The oak can be seen in every part of the world and its nearly 400 species grow on the continents of Asia, Europe, America, Australia and Africa. Although the homeland of the tree is known as Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Greece and Iraq, most species of this tree grow in the United States. The second region where the oak tree is most abundant is the Asian continent, especially China.


The oak is one of the most traded trees. If we look at the oak export in more detail, the countries that mainly export this tree are the United States, France, Belgium, Germany and Russia. China, on the other hand, is the leading importer of this tree. Vietnam, Canada and Austria are the other important countries that import the oak.


Although there are many different types of oak trees, they are similar in terms of general characteristics. It is known that many species of oak can live up to 500 years based on environmental conditions. This feature proves to us this tree is strong and durable. However, its sapwood is less stable than the heartwood. It also has a heavy, veined and dense texture. Thanks to these properties, it shows good resistance against fungus and molds. The wet weight of the oak is generally 1000 kg/m³, but its dry weight is between 700 and 780 kg/m³. Its trunk diameter varies between 50 and 150 centimeters. Moreover, the color of the tree varies between dark yellow and dark brown tones. Generally, its sapwood is yellowish-white, but the core wood is dark yellow.


Working on the oak tree is generally effortless and gives good results with steam bending. However, you must be careful in the drying process; otherwise, cracks and splits may appear on its surface. In addition, if it is going to be dried in the open air, you must use thin stacking slats. Oak logs can be susceptible to insects sometimes, so they should not be kept too long. Plus, it is required to pre-drill before the nailing process. Finally, oak wood is one of the best paint-holding wood types and can be easily varnished.

areas of use

Oak wood is used in many sectors thanks to its solid and durable timber. Hard oak is widely used in the production of doors, windows and stairs, flooring, parquet, carving and furniture production. On the other hand, soft oak timber is used in furniture production, interior structures, coatings, flooring and decorative structures.