The ash tree is one of the most common trees found in the northern hemisphere. It grows and develops in cold atmospheres, fertile, deep and well-drained soils. The regions where it usually grows are northern Spain, Russia, Europe, Asia, North America and Greece.


The export of ash wood has been prohibited. However, it can be imported from America and France for ash logs and Ukraine is suitable for ash timber.                                  


The ash wood has a hard, heavy and durable structure. Its dried weight is generally around 680 kg/m3. It is a light-colored tree, the core of the tree varies from white to yellow, and its bark varies from brown to light brown tones. The color difference between its sapwood and heartwood can be seen clearly. Sometimes, it can have scattered and wavy patterns with straight halos. Moreover, the light brown fragments and traces of some kind of minerals known as ‘glass worm’ can be seen on it. This mineral adds to the wood’s natural appearance and does not affect its structure of the wood.


The ash tree is easy to process and good at nailing, screwing, bonding and polishing. However, pre-drilling is still required. The planed surfaces of the ash wood are smooth, which makes it easy to process with all kinds of tools and machines. However, it is prone to cracking. The ash wood should be dried not quickly. The ash, which becomes very hard and stable in dried form, can be easily varnished. It has good fixation properties, so there won’t be much change in its performance. It can be said that its average durability properties are also good enough. It is also very good at steam bending. Its veneer form is much preferable for furniture and flooring.

areas of use

Usage of the ash wood is not suitable for structural timber. Generally, it is sold as massive and veneer. Its massive is dimensioned to hardwood timber standards. Its wood has a worldwide reputation among designers, architects and lumbermen. The ash wood has been frequently used in the production of furniture, flooring, doors, architectural joinery and kitchen cabinets.