The pine tree, which belongs to the Pinaceae family, is found in various regions of the world with its different species. There are more than 100 varieties of pine in the world. Europe, the Caucasus, Russia, Turkey and Iran are among the places where it spread. Pine, which develops better in mild and cold climatic conditions, can grow in almost all regions thanks to its adaptation skills.


Pine timbers for construction usages are generally obtained from larch, red pine and yellow pine logs. Plus, it is mostly imported from Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania. Since it can be grown everywhere and has a high demand in global markets, it takes place in every country’s inventory.


Although there are more than 100 species of pine tree, they are similar in terms of their general characteristics. It can live between 100 and 150 years on average depending on environmental conditions. The pine tree and its wood are quite durable. Its heartwood is sensitive to fungi and insects, but its sapwood is highly resistant. While the heartwood is easily impregnated, the sapwood is generally more difficult to impregnate. Its heartwood is between 5 and 10 cm wide. The pine has straight veins and its wet weight is generally 890 kg/m³, but its dry weight is between 470 and 500 kg/m³. Its length ranges between 20 and 30 meters on average, and its trunk, which varies between 1 and 1.5 meters, is mostly full and smooth.


The pine and its wood are easy to process. But the excess resin of its inside can cause difficulties in the operation of the tree. Pine wood, which is very good at painting, polishing, turning, peeling, and nail holding has also strength and shock resistance, although it is softer than hardwood varieties. Generally, most solid wood species can show expansion in humid environments and shrinkage in dry environments. However, the pine can maintain its shape and adapt to all kinds of environments without deterioration even after years.

areas of use

The pine is generally the most preferred tree species in the construction sector, plywood and veneer production. It is also used in the production of furniture, door and window joineries, home decorations, paper production, firewood and any wooden material. It also has a huge place in the coating, carving and turning operations.