What is thermowood?

The heat treatment of waxy wood materials intended for use in the required areas in huge, highly insulated kilns from 180⁰C to 220⁰C is called Termowood. To prevent cracking, heat-treated wood materials are also released into a steam oven. Thus, while the amount of moisture in the wood approaches zero, it allows the chemicals and harmful substances from the wood to escape. Surfaces treated with light-treated wood have been found to be free of turning, cracking and warping problems for a much longer time. Thanks to the Thermowood process, wood-specific defects are eliminated.

What does Thermowood do?

It becomes resistant to decay, cracking and rotation.

It increases resistance to climatic conditions.

It reduces thermal conductivity and provides protection from cold and heat.

It is 100% natural and contains no chemicals.

Humidity is kept to a minimum.

It was pitched.