As Ekatürk Forest Products Company, we said hello to the forest products sector of the region in Devrek district of Zonguldak and started our activities confidently in Uzunçay. In these days when we are waiting for the arrival of a new year, we have taken a radical decision with the mission of “a new year – a new production area” and we have moved to our new office, which is completely designed for our own business. As Ekatürk and its high-potential, digital creative Nettree Market family, we are happy to introduce this new office where we can spend our valuable time, not just a workplace. Now, as always, we are in business again. Moreover, it is now even closer to the people of the region and other valuable companies. The doors of our new office located in Devrek industrial area are open to people from both the forest products sector and all other professional fields. See you here.